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Diamondback 2013 tess junior mountain bike with 20-inch wheels


Size S

Location PHOENIX Arizona, 85002

posted 2013-05-17 réf 26

The Tess 20 is the perfect bike for the next step in the progression to a girl. The heavy duty steel frame can take some scratches and bruises, while the 40 mm fork makes bumps a bit softer. The 6 speed twist shifter is a great way to introduce a girl to move without causing too much confusion and linear pull brakes are a great way to get her used to the brakes with his hands instead of feet. When the little lady is ready for his next test bike 20 Tess.

Heavy Duty Steel Frame
36 Spoke 20″ Aluminum Wheels
Linear Pull Front and Rear Brakes
40mm travel suspension Fork
6-Speed Freewheel

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